Born 1986, Berlin

Ba.Sc. Physics, University Bremen (2006-2011), BA Thesis in Complex Systems

M.A. Digital Media, HfK Bremen (2011-2015), MA Thesis in Science Studies + Fine Art

Lives and works in Berlin and around the world

Extracurricular studies: Arabic (Uni Bremen), philosophy (Uni Bremen), photography (HfK Bremen), electro-acoustic composition (HfK Bremen), dance (Tanzfabrik Berlin, Die Etage Berlin, Broadway Dance Center NYC), sound (UdK Berlin)

Currently: Initiator of and responsible for movLab at Spektrum Berlin, Teaching assignment at University of the Arts Bremen, and UdK BerlinSound+Raum for Fashion Show and Fashion Performance

Before: IFISC, Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems Palma De Mallorca, Spain  MARUM, Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, Bremen, Germany

Scholarships and Distinctions:

2017 Co-hosting CTM Hacklab

2016 Fellow of Transhumanism Performance Lab, Music Tech Fest, Berlin

2016 Fellow of MusicMakers Hacklab „Future Rituals“ at CTM 2016 „New Geographies“, Berlin

2015 Winner of Art and Science Award, Hackathon Berlin

2015 Ja/Best of HfK, participant

2013/14 Scholarship holder, Mentoring Program HfK Bremen

2013 Ars Electronica Exhibition, nominated

2013 Best of HfK, participant

Selected Exhibitions and Festivals:

2017/02 Performance: ffj, Bethanien, CTM Berlin 2017, opening night, Berlin

2016/11 Choreography: typology , Broadway Dance Center, New York City

2016/11 Exhibition: Tank, Vierte Welt,  3hd Festival, Berlin

2016/8 Performance: .fa,  Water House, Love Foundation, Amsterdam

2016/7 Management and Curating: ReSense Festival, SPEKTRUM, Berlin

2016/6 Art Direction Music: _unter, Aquarium Berlin,  Fashion Week 2016, Berlin

2016/6 Exhibition: ctu – isbtm, SPEKTRUM, States of Matter, Berlin

2016/6 Exhibition: ctu – t,  Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics,  Long Night of Sciences, Dresden

2016/2 Performance: Jessica, Funkhaus Berlin,  Music Tech Fest 2016, Berlin

2016/1 Performance: syn.s, Barreirinha, Madeira

2016/1 Performance: .fa, HAU2,  CTM 2016, Berlin

2015 Exhibition: ctu-isbtm,  Galerie Dechanatstrasse, Bremen

2014 Exhibition: HOME,  Bethanien, Berlin

2014 Performance: M,  Theater Bremen +  Schwankhalle, Bremen

2014 Performance: Lamentoryke, Studio Nihil Baxter,  Afraid Of Falling, Berlin

2013 Exhibition: in xXz,  Galerie Flut, Bremen

2013 Exhibition: TWTMG,  Transmediale Berlin + Händelmuseum Halle

2012 Exhibition: TWTMG,  Farbfest Bauhaus Dessau + Ars Electronica Linz

2012 Performance: Schneeberg,  Fashion Week Berlin 2012, Berlin


Lived in: Ecuador, Spain, Wales, Germany, Egypt

Extended stays in: West Africa, Middle East, South America

Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, basic Arabic, Latinum

Programming: C, C++, Fortran, MATLAB, Processing, Arduino, SuperCollider

Programs: Autodesk, Rhino, SOLIDWORKS, Adobe Suite, LaTex

Operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Basics in: Pantomime, Acrobatics, Acting, Anatomy