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For me it all started with a curiosity for mathematics, technology and computers. I was especially fascinated with cryptography and space travel. I realized, if I wanted to participate in creating the future I had to learn how computers and the internet worked and how to program and build machines. This lead me to study physics.

When studying statistical mechanics, I was fascinated by the principle of „universality“, which says some properties of systems can be largely independent of their underlying structure. Thats why, in my advanced studies, I specialized in the theoretical physics’ discipline of complex systems.
I studied Arabic and philosophy (epistemology) on the side.
I continued my studies at art school, with a Master of Arts in Digital Media, a course combining media art, media theory, media design, interaction design and media informatics. I followed my passion for music and dance and picked study courses dealing with sound design, algorithmic composition and dance.

Now I produce artistic experiences of actual fundamental scientific questions and scientific research. The works consist of visual art, new media art and installations, electronic music, dance and instruments I design and perform.
I have performed and exhibited at CTM Berlin, Ars Electronica in Linz, Transmediale Berlin and internationally in NYC, L.A., Amsterdam, Madeira (my first music gig) and other places. I speak six natural languages and 10+ programming languages.
I also speak at conferences as an expert on VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), XR (mixed reality) and AI (artificial intelligence) especially in context of music and the music business.

{{ Byrke Lou, Berlin, Tel.: 49/01731744796, Mail: }}

„Code had a heart, maybe even a soul, when Lou scanned for life and structures within independent and interacting systems.“

„… which proved you don’t need Springsteen to keep a club buzzy or engaged“

„Swells of angelic synthetics intervened in exploded views of dicey percussion rolled across long stretches of time where one could easily trip and fall into the measures between. (…) Unexpectedly organic, she dabbled in a new kind of conversation with the room.“


„Like the flash lives of cybernetic circuitry hatched by Louis and Bebe Barron of Forbidden Planet fame, physicist and artist Byrke Lou, based in Berlin, detects inorganic structures in code, modifying them during live sessions after scanning rotating black glass sculptures via video feeds into her made-from-scratch synthesis system“



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Vinyl CODE   (2018)

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Byrke Lou, 12049 Berlin, Tel.: 49/01731744796 , Mail: