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Art Direction Music | Fashion Show Berlin 2016

„_unter“ is audio data, which has been conceptualized as soundtrack for a fashion performance in which over 100 models presented creations of 30 young designers  in a +900 sqm space, the Aquarium Berlin, during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin 2016.

Art direction music and technical direction sound: Byrke Lou

Compositions by: Gil Fuser, Wolfgang Kick, Lindsey

The data is variable for future use with selected performances and installations.

material: Audio data, custom sound system | dimensions: 443.1 MB | year: 2016 

Unter_Doppelbelichtungen-1-1 Unter_Doppelbelichtungen-2-2 Unter_Doppelbelichtungen-3-3Unter_Doppelbelichtungen-4-4 Unter_Doppelbelichtungen-5-5

Grundriss mit speakers unter_182-4unter_225-5