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AI Voices from Virtual Space | SXSW 2020

Material: code
Dimensions: dimensions variable
Year: 2019 – 2020

bayes is a collection of five algorithmic creatures. They were realized within the medium of music. The creatures were generated through algorithmic composition and partly AI-generated vocals.
They were released as digital music release and physically as audio cassette release. bayes can be performed live with a virtually photorealistic landscape.

Bayes’ Theorem
“Bayes’ Theorem is a simple mathematical formula used for calculating conditional probabilities. It figures prominently in subjectivist or Bayesian approaches to epistemology, statistics, and inductive logic. Subjectivists, who maintain that rational belief is governed by the laws of probability, lean heavily on conditional probabilities in their theories of evidence and their models of empirical learning. Bayes’ Theorem is central to these enterprises both because it simplifies the calculation of conditional probabilities and because it clarifies significant features of subjectivist position. Indeed, the Theorem’s central insight — that a hypothesis is confirmed by any body of data that its truth renders probable — is the cornerstone of all subjectivist methodology. ”        (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Shown at:
SXSW 2020 official artist, 3 shows (cancelled)
xix 2020 – 2021

The singulated AI vocals of two out of five beings:

bayes created by Byrke Lou,  AI vocals trained by Byrke Lou
Mixing: Victor Van Vugt
Mastering: Sandro Dreßler
CGI: Dlareme
Photography: Laura Knoops + Arnaud Ele
Cover Design: Lucy Ross