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Composition and Musical Concept | Fashion Show Berlin 2012

„_Schneeberg“ is audio data, which has been conceptualized for a fashion performance at Fashion Week Berlin 2012. As part of a group of composers, interaction designers and sound engineers I conceptualised and realized the music, visuals and overall musical concept of the 7FarbenBlau show, where 7 collections were shown as part of the Fashion Week Berlin 2012.

I composed and produced the sound for one show („Schneeberg“) and ran the audio during all seven shows.

„_Schneeberg“ is variable in future use, for performances or as sound piece alone.

material: audio data, custom sound system | dimensions: 25MB | year: 2011-2012

7Farben Blau001_16
7Farben Blau001_12

120111_7FarbenBlau (verschoben) (verschoben) 4
120111_7FarbenBlau (verschoben) (verschoben) 1
120111_7FarbenBlau (verschoben) (verschoben)
120111_7FarbenBlau (verschoben) (verschoben) 2