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3D Scanning and 3D Printing Performance | The Louvre Museum, Paris 2013

.xXz is a performance which reproduces objects from reknown Museums and galleries by 3D scanning and 3D printing. The data is made acessible for everyone to download online. The physical representations are exhibited in a gallery.

The performance shown below took place in the Louvre Museum in 2013. The place the object is captured at is included in the resulting object through the original object’s lighting and surrounding, the person who captures the object is inscribed into the data by her body size and the distance and symmetry she keeps to the object and also the deconstructing and reproducing machines and algorithms leave marks on the objects surface.

.xXz was in closer consideration for Ars Electronica 2014 and has been presented at Galerie Flut, Bremen.

material: iPhone5, museum or gallery, plaster, metal, digital printing | dimensions: dimensions variable | year: 2013


.Léda et le Cygne, 2013, 1/2, studio view


.Venus de Milo, 2013, 1/2, studio view


.Acrobate (Bateleuse), 2013, 1/2, studio view

3 out of 11 figures shown


T_ Saint Mary Magdalene, 2013, 1/3, studio view


T_ Les Trois Grâces 0, 2013, 1/3, studio view


T_ Les Trois Grâces 1, 2013, 1/3, studio view

3 out of 14 textures shown