Track 2

Byrke Lou

Titel: „code_xi“
Status: done
Kind: live performance / can be mixed with DJ set
Vinyl: my Vinyl „CODE“ features a version of this performance.
Techniques: Live coding, AI, DIY sound synthesis system



„Operating in a space between sculpture, code and electronics, the system scans 3dimensional objects via a live video feed and programmatically encodes the artist’s glass sculptures within a language of pitches and rhythms using cultural samples as a translative matrix.“

– research and waves art collective + zckr record label



Project details of „code_xi“ as part of Vinyl release „CODE“ in 2018:


(Chinese „mook mag“, „Deutschlandfunk Kultur“, „Radioeins“, radio of documenta 14)

English translations of articles no. 1 and 2:


Performing „code_xi“ at the Gobe Theatre in L.A.