Born in Berlin

B.Sc. Physics:
University Bremen (2006-2011),  Bachelor Thesis in the field of Complex Systems

M.A. Digital Media [media informatics, media theory, media art]:
HfK Bremen (2011-2015),  Master Thesis in the field of new media art

Extracurricular studies:
Philosophy [University Bremen], electroacoustic composition [HfK Bremen], photography [HfK Bremen], generative art [UdK Berlin], sound art [UdK Berlin]

Byrke Lou codes in over ten programming languages.

Lives and works in Berlin


Selected Exhibitions physical space

2021/04-05  – code_ctu {isbtm}{*} – Superfluidity,  MMOMA (Moscow Museum of Modern Art)
2020/10-2021/02 — code_xi — Audiosfera,  Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía
2018/04 — CODE   — RAW [0.3,y,0.75] , modular+ gallery, Berlin  (exhibition with vinyl release)
2016/06 — .ctu _ t Max Planck Institute (MPI-CBG) long night of sciences,  Dresden, Germany
2013/06  —  TWTMG.Tank — addicted to random festival,  Händelmuseum,  Halle, Germany


Selected Exhibitions mixed reality space

2020/11  — ixi — Transformation,  CTM Festival online edition,  Berlin, Germany
2013/02 — TWTMG.Tank — BWPWAP, Transmediale,  Berlin Germany
2012/09 — TWTMG.Tank — Farbfest Bauhaus Dessau, Dessau, Germany
2012/09 — TWTMGArs ElectronicaLinz, Austria


Selected Performances physical space

2019/03 — code_xiSXSW, official artist, opening night, Austin Texas
2018/09 — code_xiGlobe Theatre L.A.,From Germany to L.A.,Goethe-Institut, Los Angeles
2017/02 — ffj —  FearAngerLove, CTM Festival opening night, Berlin Germany
2017/05/07 — code_xox —  AI & Blockchain & Algorithms, SAVYY Funk, radio of documenta 14
2016/01 — .fa —  New Geographies, CTM Festival, Berlin Germany
2016/09 — TWTMG.Tank — There’s Nothing Left but the Future,  3hd festival, Berlin Germany
2014/09 — Lamentoryke — Afraid Of Falling, Studio Nihil Baxter, Berlin Germany


Selected Performances mixed reality space

2021/03 — code_ixj — SXSW, official artist, opening performance of SXSW XR space, Austin Texas
2018/01/13-26 — nodes_x — INTERNETFAME, The Wrong Biennale, online + Panke Gallery Berlin
2017/7 — code_xi — glitch, Byrke Lou online space
2017/07/05 — AI & Blockchain & Algorithms –  Live on air Interview and live music, documenta 14.
2013/6 — xXzThe Louvre Museum, Intervention


Scholarships and Distinctions

2020/12 — Residency — Virtual Partner Residency, Goethe-Institut
2019/10-’20/01 — Residency — Artist in residence at Factory Berlin
2015/10 — Winner — Art and Science Award, Hackathon Berlin Germany
2013/14 — Scholarship holder — Mentoring Program HfK Bremen
2013/05 — xXz — Ars Electronica Exhibition, in closer consideration



2018/04 — CODE, Vinyl record, Research & Waves and ZCKR records
2020 / 03 — bayes, digital release + audio cassette, Detroit Underground  and x_ByrkeLou


Lecturer for University Post-Graduate Courses

SS 2019 — Exploring AI – Artificial Intelligence and EthicsUdK Berlin
WS 2018 — Alien Habitats – Virtual Reality Performance UdK Berlin
SS 2018 — Artificial Intelligence MusicUdK Berlin
WS 2017 — Virtual Reality Club ExperiencesUdK Berlin
SS 2017 — Music Performance in Virtual RealityUdK Berlin
SS 2016 — Sound and Space for Fashion PerformanceHfK Bremen



2020/03 — AI and MusicSXSW Austin Texas – (cancelled due to Corona)
2019/05 — The impact of Pop culture on VRITFS, Stuttgart Germany — (Panel)
2018/09 — The future of entertainment Sequencer Tour re:publica, Los Angeles (Panel)
2019/06 — AI for Music Creation —  Musik und Technologie 2019, Stuttgart Germany
2019/05  — VR, AR and XR for Musicians and the Music Business Eco SystemITFS, Stuttgart
2019/03 — AI for Music CreationSXSW Interactive Festival, Austin Texas
2018/06 —  Music and Emotion in Immersive VR — EmoJam2 event by Melodrive Berlin Germany
2017/11 —  The Virtual ClubStadt nach 8 conference, Berlin Germany
2017/06 — VR Music Technology LabHybrid Music Lab + Tech Open Air, Berlin Germany
2016/10  — MovLab: Reinventing Human Sensing for Virtual Realities, DIY —  ECSA (European Citicen Science Association) Berlin Germany



2017/11 — VR Exhibition — “The Virtual Club”, Most Wanted: Music conference, Berlin Germany
2016/07 — Performance art festival — “ReSense Festival”, SPEKTRUM, Berlin Germany



2015 –  ongoing — movLab community founder — Research Lab, Berlin Germany
2020/03 — SXSW Hackathon Mentor –Mentor for art x tech projects, SXSW, Austin Texas
2017/06 — VR Music Technology Lab — Host, organizer, Tech Open Air, Berlin Germany
2017/02 — CTM Music Makers Hacklab — co-host,CTM Festival FearAngerLove, Berlin Germany
2016/04 — Transhumanism Performance Lab, Fellow, Music Tech Fest, Berlin Germany
2016/02 — MusicMakers Hacklab — Fellow, CTM Festival New Geographies, Berlin Germany
2009/09 — IFISC (Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems) — Palma de Mallorca, Spain
2010/03-06 —  MARUM Center for Marine Environmental Sciences – Bremen Germany



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Byrke Lou (04.09.2015):  Physics and Aesthetics of Digital Archiving. Blog of “Intangible Cultural Heritage and Innovation”, Berlin.
Byrke Lou (20.04.2015):  On Modelling the Milky Way.  Master Thesis on the history of explanations of the Milky Way.
Byrke Lou (25.10.2011):  Coarsening Dynamics in a Model of Immunity Spreading, Bachelor Thesis, University Bremen.
Byrke Lou (28.12.2008):  Mathematics in Biology – a short introduction to the use of mathematics for biological research.
Byrke Lou (31.01.2008):  Der Begriff vom Sinn [German], Applying Gilbert Ryle’s methods of language analysis from “The Concept of Mind” on the word “sense”.