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AI for Music Creation (official SXSW 2019)

Artificial Intelligence is advancing at an exceptional rate-continually redefining the set of activities that were previously only achievable by humans. Indeed, even the creative industries have been impacted. But the dialogue about AI for creative activities doesn’t have to be one of conflict and replacement.(…)

VR/AR/XR for the Music Business Ecosystem (ITFS, Stuttgart 2019)

Applications and technologies using virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality have been on the rise throughout the last years. They enable their users to engage with and design unique worlds, which are immaterial, potentially free of the laws of physics and easy to share. (…)

The Impact of AI on Music Creation (M&T, Stuttgart 2019)

Recently, music technologists are using AI to extend what humans can do musically – to foster collaboration, to create rapid musical prototypes, and to create new modes of music consumption. Two pioneers in this field are the companies Landr and Melodrive. (…)

Transforming the Museum – Entertainment with a Purpose
(sequencer tour, L.A. 2018)

Recent initiatives have helped redefine museum attractions by merging new storytelling techniques with an innovative combination of immersive, cutting-edge visual effects (VFX) and technology such as Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR). This has resulted in a completely new kind of cultural experience. How will these immersive technologies bring us closer to the cultural artifact? (…)

 The Virtual Nightclub (Stadt nach Acht, Berlin 2017)

With VR being embraced rapidly by artists and young creatives, what are the potentials of the medium in the context of club culture and nightlife? (…)

VR Music Technology (Hybrid Music Lab / TOA Berlin 2017)

How can experts from various disciplines collaborate to leverage the medium of VR for building musical instruments and stages in VR? (…)

New Identities (CTM Berlin 2017)

Deconstructing contemporary sound; how do artists create their own tools and methods for sound production and live performance? (…)

MovLab: Reinventing Human Sensing for Virtual Realities (Citicen Science Conference, Berlin, 2016)

As virtual worlds increasingly substitute physical experiences, how do we adequately transfer physical bodies into digital environments? How should we design digital bodies and how do we re-think senses and sensing for virtual experiences?

More topics on the implication, design, challenges and potentials of new technologies on request.