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Choreography | National Theatre Bremen

„M“ is a piece for dance and multimedia. M consists of a list of three movements for each performer and a set of three behavioural rules. The performers make up the movements and rules in order to convey the process of getting to know each other. The piece is open for additional performers and media but not for more than three rules and movements.

The piece was shown at National Theatre Bremen in 2014 with visuals by Luiz Zanotello and an audio remix of Chang Parks „improv 3“ by Youyou Yang. It was performed by Byrke Lou and Kinga Szczolko.

material: agreements, video, sound | dimensions: dimensions variable | year: 2014


„M_1“, 2014, visual data/video still, 1/5


„M_2“, 2014, visual data/video still, 1/5


„M_3“, 2014, visual data/video still, 1/5


„M“, 2014, performance shot from a staging at Theater Bremen