VR /

Byrke Lou is at the forefront of exploring virtual space. She creates innovative spaces and virtual concepts as digital works of art for conferences, galleries, festivals and museums.

Byrke Lou’s virtual worlds have been used by SXSW, Venice Biennale, and CTM Festival Berlin, amongst others.


Live Music

Byrke Lou produces technology-driven electronic music and sound installations. Employing new technologies around artificial intelligence and virtual reality, she explores life and sound of our future world.

Byrke Lou’s music was shown at documenta, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, SXSW, and the Globe Theater in Los Angeles, amongst many others.


Fine Art

Byrke Lou is a trans-disciplinary hybrid artist who explores systems of society, science, and economics in their process of producing our future. Her body of work consists of sculptures, installations, experiences, sound art, photography, sketches and texts. The artist employs physical as well as virtual materials and mixes new technologies with traditional methods of artistic production. Byrke Lou was part of the Jury for the “Art Prize NRW 2022” awarding some of the best women working in the digital arts in 2022.

Byrke Lou’s work has been presented at documenta (Kassel), Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), Museo Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid), and Venice Biennale, amongst others.



Byrke Lou speaks internationally on the impact of VR, AR, XR, AI, and other emerging technologies on our future.
In talks and keynotes, she analyzes the potential of new technologies for our future businesses, our future lives, the future of work, the future of creativity, and the music ecosystem.

Byrke Lou spoke at SXSW (Austin), Sequencer Tour x Summit (L.A.), T.O.A. (Berlin), ITFS (Stuttgart), and many more. She organizes research labs for conferences and businesses to catalyze innovation.


Who is Byrke Lou?

Byrke Lou was born in Berlin, West Germany in 1986. She completed higher education in Berlin and in 2005 moved to Bremen, Germany to persue studies in Physics.

She completed a Bachelor of Physics specializing in the theoretical physics field of Complex Systems. In parallel, she studied courses in the philosophy department of the University of Bremen in the philosophy of science and in epistemology. Subsequently, she studied “Digital Media” at the HfK Bremen, a course comprising media art, media theory, fine art, interaction design, media design, and a range of selective topics. During her time at the HfK Bremen Byrke Lou completed courses in audio technology, audio programming and composition at the HfK Bremen’s Music Conservatory.

In 2015, she funded “movLab”, an open research group that discusses the impact of digitizing human bodies. From 2017 to 2019, she held the first courses on VR, AR, and AI for composition, performance art, and fine art at the University of Arts (UdK) Berlin. Byrke Lou is a physicist, trans-disciplinary hybrid artist, and composer. Originally from Berlin, Germany, she now works internationally.