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Byrke Lou is at the forefront of exploring virtual space. She creates innovative worlds and concepts for conferences, galleries, festivals, concert halls and museums. In the production process, she leverages AI and the latest, relevant, technologies. Byrke Lou is a pioneer of realizing events in extended reality and amongst the new wave of virtual reality artists using the gear since 2015.

Byrke Lou’s virtual worlds have been used by SXSW Online XR, Venice Biennale VR Expanded, and CTM Berlin, amongst others.



Byrke Lou produces technology-driven, minimalistic, electro-acoustic music, compositions and sound installations. Employing new technological developments including artificial intelligence and extended realities, she explores life and sound of a future world. Since 2011 she has used algorithmic composition and since 2018 creates AI music.

Byrke Lou’s sound was played at SXSW Music, Globe Theatre L.A., and live on savvy funk the official radio of documenta, among many others.



Byrke Lou is a trans-disciplinary, hybrid artist who explores networks of society, science, and economics in their process of producing our future. She mixes physical and virtual materials. Byrke Lou was part of the Jury for the “Art Prize NRW 2022” awarding the best women working in the digital arts in 2022.

Byrke Lou’s work was shown at documenta 14, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Museo Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Venice Biennale, and Ars Electronica among others.



Byrke Lou speaks internationally on the impact VR, AR, XR, AI, and other emerging technologies have on our future. In talks and keynotes, she analyzes the potential of new technologies for our future businesses, the future of work, and the future of creativity. Since 2010 she has executed scientific and open research and public research events on the topic of digitisation.

Byrke Lou spoke at SXSW, Sequencer Tour x Summit L.A., T.O.A. Berlin, ITFS, and many more.


Who is Byrke Lou?

Computers determine our future, so I wanted to know how they work. I was also curious how scientific research operates. Within physics, I have specialized in the area of ​​complex systems such as artificial intelligence, because systems in biology, economics or physics follow the same mathematical models.

I investigate the mechanisms and construction of knowledge. To produce my work, I use materials such as glass and aluminum, which are used in the sciences to achieve new results. At the same time, these materials are anchored in art. I use media such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence to investigate developments in digital media.