Byrke Lou is an emerging artist based in Berlin. She investigates questions of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and mixed reality and combines them with questions of fundamental research in physics, math and biology. Her work examines ways of theorising, analysing and modelling our world. She examines underlying connections between sciences, society and technology in processes of knowledge production. Her works take the form of sculptures, installations, photography, performances, sound art and compositions. Byrke Lou produces for virtual and physical realities. The names of Byrke Lou’s works are cryptic and full of numbers and mathematical symbols. However, there is a consistent logic and story behind these names.

Byrke Lou was born in Berlin and completed a Bachelor of Science in Physics, specialising in theoretical physics and Complex Systems. Consequently she finished a Master in Digital Media and Fine Art at the University of the Arts Bremen. On the side she studied Epistemology and Philosophy of Language and Knowledge, Arabic, Sound and Electroacoustic Composition, Choreography and Photography. She speaks five natural languages and over 10 programming languages and has visited over 40 countries.

Byrke Lou’s work has been featured at some of the the most important Institutions of fine art including Ars Electronica, documenta, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Museo Reina Sofia and the Venice Biennale.



01.09.2021 // “ixi” @ Venice Biennale 2021
"ixi" virtual sculptural space invited to and presented at the Venice Biennale - "La Biennale di Venezia" has been for over 120 years one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the world. Established in 1895, the Biennale has an attendance today of over 500,000 visitors at the Art Exhibition. The history of the La Biennale di Venezia dates back from 1895, when the first International Art Exhibition was organized. In the 1930s new festivals were born: Music, Cinema, and Theatre (the Venice Film Festival in 1932 was the first film festival in history).
20.04.2021 // Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA)
"code_ctu {isbtm}{*}", glass sculptures, video, sound and vinyl installation, exhibited at MMOMA as part of "Superfluidity", the Experimental Music and Art (EMA) Expo 2021 - Moscow Museum of Modern Art is the first state museum in Russia that concentrates its activities exclusively on the art of the 20th and 21st centuries. Since its inauguration, the Museum has expanded its strategies and achieved a high level of public acknowledgement. Today the Museum is an energetic institution that plays an important part on the Moscow art scene. The Museum’s permanent collection represents main stages in formation and development of the avant-garde. The majority of exhibits are by Russian artists, but the display also includes some works by renowned Western masters. For example, graphic pieces by Pablo Picasso, Fernand Léger, Joan Miró and Giorgio De Chirico are on view, along with sculptures by Salvador Dalí, Armand and Arnaldo Pomodoro, paintings by Henri Rousseau and Françoise Gilot, and installations by Yukinori Yanaga.
20.10.2020 // Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Museo Reina Sofía
"code_xi " exhibited at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Museo Reina Sofía as part of "Audiosfera", a sound exhibition presenting the best of 40 years of exceptional sound art - Now a bona fide museum, its goals (...) were to conserve, expand and exhibit its collections; to promote the general public’s knowledge of and access to contemporary art in its various manifestations; to hold exhibitions at the international level, and to offer training, educational and assessment activities related to its holdings.
19.09.2017 // Live @ documenta 14
"code_xox" performed on the documenta 14 official radio by SAVYY Funk - In each edition, documenta has played a leading role in taking the international discourse about art in new directions. Over the past decades, documenta has established itself as an institution that goes far beyond a survey of what is currently happening, inviting the attention of the international art world every five years for this "museum of 100 days." The discourse and the dynamics of the discussion surrounding each documenta reflects and challenges the expectations of society about art.
12.06.2013 // xXz @ The Louvre Museum
"xXz" - a mixed reality performance as intervention at "The Louvre Museum", a performance producing virtual sculptures - The Louvre, or the Louvre Museum, is the world's most-visited museum, and a historic landmark in Paris, France. It is the home of some of the best-known works of art, including the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo.
30.08.2012 // Ars Electronica
"TWTMG" exhibited at the "Ars Electronica" edition "The big picture" as part of the "The Ways Things May Go" trans local installation - The Ars Electronica Festival premiered on September 18, 1979. This pilot project was designed to take the Digital Revolution’s emergence as an occasion to scrutinize potential futures and to focus these inquiries on the nexus of art, technology and society.













Fine Art

Byrke Lou produces sculptures, photographs, digital images, VR / AR / XR experiences, sound art, installations and performance art. She works in traditional and new media.


Byrke Lou assists you in curating exhibitions of Digital Art and helps curate and conceptualize projects and exhibitions, which focus on topics related to art, science and technology.


Byrke Lou writes articles for blogs, newspapers and magazines related to the emergence of technologies, artistic practice, the daily life in tech and arts and the future of art and tech.

University Teaching

Byrke Lou teaches art and media and tech related artistic practice from sculpture to performance art. Byrke Lou teaches at post graduate university level only.


Byrke Lou is part of Juries for art prizes, labs and Universities.