Sound Management for an Event With Seven Individual Performances



Music / Sound Concept

7fb was the audio-visual concept for an event at the „Museum of Communication Berlin“. Seven fashion performances were shown in one overarching concept.
Byrke Lou was running the live music show and with a team producing the sound concept and visual concept.
The customised speaker system was installed in cooperation with satis-fy Berlin.
The sound created was a reflection on digitising organic material. Experimental microphoning and minimalistic audio effects were used to create a soundscape that would reverb beautifully in the large halls of the event’s space.

Entering the huge museum hall, the visitors sit around its main patio. Custom digital media are projected onto a white flooring placed onto the museum’s ground.
The sounds are designed to reverb within the museums large space. For each performance a unique atmosphere is created visually and sonically.

The goal of the project was to explore the relations of sound, fashion and space and create unique experience for the unique architecture.