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Catching The Unimaginable | Glassworks

.ctu_isbtm is a work complex consisting of three single generated objects, a series of generated objects and a paper which analyzes the objects and informs about their history. The object’s shapes were generated by pouring a hot liquid compound into water. The resulting objects were transformed into glass by a casting process. The paper is written anew for each exhibition and all papers will be published in a book after ten exhibitions.

.ctu_isbtm has been shown at Galerie Dechanatstrasse in Bremen and at SPEKTRUM Berlin, where Hans-Jörg Rheinberger was opening the exhibition.

material: digital printing, glass, wood | dimensions: dimensions variable | year: 2014-2015



“ctu_rev2”, 2015, repro detail

exhibition view, 2015

“{23°7’44.796″N 113°15’51.786″O}”, 2015, exhibition view

_MG_0169 Kopie

“ctu_rev2”, 2015, exhibition view 1

exhibition view, 2015

“ctu_rev2”, 2015, exhibition view 2

"{89°59'24"S 63°27'11"W}"

“{89°59’24″S 63°27’11″W}”, 2015, exhibition view

exhibition view, 2015

“{46°15’15.74″ N 6°4’4.741″O}”, 2015, exhibition view