Work Complex consisting of Aluminium Sculptures and Photography

2014 - 2015

Aluminium, photography


„.ctu_ctr“ is a project examining the use of mirrors in sciences. Mirrors are used in many different scientific instruments. How do the instruments we build in order to analyse nature and our surroundings influence what we see and what we accept as truth? 
Mirrors have a long history in the field of artistic and scientific practice. In the sciences they are found in microscopes, telescopes, quantum computing and many other instruments. In the arts projects showing new or different perspectives have often experimented with the optical properties of mirrors.


The visitor sees metallic objects of an irregular shape that reflect the light surrounding them. The objects look like meteors, or melted material of unknown origin. Also the production process is unknown.
What are they how did they develop and why?


Within the work complex of “.ctu_*”, where Byrke Lou artistically examined different aspects of scientific research, “.ctu_ctr“ deals with the role of mirrors within scientific processes of truth finding.