Series of Images Analyzing the Scientific Gaze

2009 - 2015

Imaging technologies, photography, dimensions variable, shown at Gossamer Fog, London (UK), 2017

“.ctu_cr” is a series of images analyzing the scientific gaze. The images stem from laboratories of physics and media workshops and were produced by the artist between 2009 and 2015. The work is experienced through screens or as a series of prints. Looking at the prints the viewer can reflect on their means of production, the objects they depict and the way we and scientists draw conclusions from images.

The series is a series of images displayed via a screen or a physical prints. It includes images from a broad range of image producing technologies.

The artist took the images in laboratories she had access to between her studies of physics and art.

Byrke Lou was curious how the context images are read in and the training of the people who interpret them influence the perceived meaning of the images content.

Various imaging technologies and printing executed by Byrke Lou.