Sets of Live Music Made From Live-Coding



Live Music , Live-Coding, Mixed Reality


“code_xin” is a performance of live coded music adapted for the nightclub context. The algorithms of the code create the structure of the music, which therefore does not completely follow traditional patterns and beats. The patterns do flow in and out of traditional pattern systems such as techno and house, however, while keeping a distinct, unique algorithmic character to them.
Performers move along the algorithmic soundscape and, through that, explore how humans will move along future algorithmic virtual worlds.
“code_xin” can be performed together with segments of “bayes”. “bayes” is music generated by live-coded instruments and intertwined by synths and vocals generated by artificial intelligence. “bayes” was the first music produced and officially released using a new algorithm for AI sound synthesis developed by Google in early 2020.

The “code_xin” live set consists of minimalistic, avant-garde live-coded electronic music. Visitors enjoy “code_xin’s” virtual landscape, which was generated by game engines, along the dancey and sometimes dreamy set. “code_xin” can include AI-generated vocals, dancers, and traditional music instruments. The music follows the algorithms as well as a traditional meter. The dancers move along the algorithmic structures only. The vocals in “bayes” consist of physical and AI-generated vocals and represent the future, partly virtual humans, in the algorithmic world.

“code_xin” is making algorithms experienceable within a nightclub context. It is visualizing and sonifying the codes that build our future world. The project explores how humans will feel, move, and live in future virtual worlds.