Morphing Virtual Space


ixi, 2020

Based On Two Models Of Our Universe From Current Research

“ixi” is a kinetic sculpture built on two “hyper-spaces” which slowly morph from one to the other over the course of 12 hours. The spaces are potential models of our universe. They are part of current research (2020) into the „theory of everything“; physicists‘ search for a unified theory, which describes how the universe and everything within it works. With our world increasingly moving into the virtual, how can we define virtual space in a way to fully use it’s new potential? Visitors experience “ixi’s” transparent, incrementally changing shell and ambience by moving freely through the sculpture and it’s surrounding representation of outer space. “ixi” was commissioned by CTM Festival in 2020.

Dimension: 900 m x 900 m x 900 m
Technique: 3D model creation, custom animation of 3.400 points, world building
Sound: training artificial intelligence (AI), sound synthesis via AI, field record-
ings, custom granular synthesis instrument, algorithmic composition,
Installation: 3d internet online experience for laptop or for virtual reality headset,
morphing is connected to actual time, results in 24 hour loop