Customizable, Mixed Reality Space for Live Music and Events


Experience, Mixed Reality Stage

“xix” is a walkable virtual performance space in the shape of a future virtual world. “xix” is built on the 3D internet as a virtual online multiplayer experience. The experience can host performances and exhibitions. Its environment can be completely adjusted for each new event. “xix” is a playful exploration of possible future virtual worlds and of the creatures and movements that will happen within these future worlds. Visitors can see each other and communicate via voice or text message. Simultaneously, they can explore the space with their own customizable avatar.

When “xix” opens its virtual doors, visitors enter the experience. Each person is represented as a future alien creature and can move freely within the virtual space. The ground is covered by a turquoise ocean, which reflects the world’s pink night sky and everything beneath it. The creatures can chat via text or audio, and each visitor can be seen via video feed.

Byrke Lou was searching for a beautiful and novel way to translate performances into the virtual world in order to make them accessible to a larger audience. The project was then developed for Byrke Lou’s release, “bayes”, which tells the story of a future, partly virtual girl searching for her quest.