Set of Live Music performed in Mixed Realites



Live Music, Mixed Reality


“code_ixj” is the XR extension of Byrke Lou’s “code_xi” live performance into mixed reality space. The version shown here was performed as the opening performance of the SXSW Online XR 2021 space. Visitors can join the experience from all over the world via a virtual character in virtual reality. They can speak with each other and move around as if they were in one shared physical space. Visitors can also access Byrke Lou’s sculptural space, “ixi,” through a portal in the code_ixj space. The sounds of “code_ixj” are partly generated from Byrke Lou’s custom instrument “.fa” and partly synthesized by the latest AI algorithms.

The “code_xij” live set consists of minimalistic, avant-garde live-coded electronic music. Visitors, who enter the experience
from all over the world, can talk to each other and enjoy “code_ixj’s” virtual landscape along the dancey and dreamy set.
“Code had a heart, maybe even a soul, when Lou scanned for life and structures within independent and interacting systems.”
The Austin Chronicle, March 14, 2019

“code_xij” is yet another way of bringing performances into a mixed reality context. This time for the large, international audience at SXSW.