RAW[0.3,Y,0.75] CODE
‘Code’ by Berlin-based artist Byrke Lou is the third LP curated and released by Research and Waves and ZCKR Records. For the record the artist presents a sonic curation of her work ‘.ctu_isbtm’.

On Side A the listener encounters bits of ‘.ctu_isbtm’ through ‘.fa’, a virtual sound synthesis system designed by the artist.

Operating in a space between sculpture, code and electronics, the system scans 3dimensional objects via a live video feed and programmatically encodes the artist’s glass sculptures within a language of pitches and rhythms using cultural samples as a translative matrix.

The generated sound patterns are reencountered on the B-Side of the LP which contains the recording of a live-coding session. By adapting her work for the vinyl format, Byrke Lou creates a complex interplay of di- mension, information and time that simultaneously embraces and reveals processes of coding, encoding and decoding.

Along with Byrke Lou’s sound piece the physical record features words by AGF.

Collaboration on the visuals with the digital artist „Dlareme“.


  1. A seven minute excerpt from the works algorithmically generated soundscapes.
  2. A 35 minute live recording from a live coding performance for 6 dancers. The recording starts while performing‘.fa’, a virtual sound synthesis system.


A variation of the original project within a club context, at the Globe Theatre in L.A.

The performance was part of the initiative „Wunderbar Together“ and one of several #fromGermanytoLA nights organized in by the Goethe Institute L.A. and Your Mums Agency.
             Image credits: lord.farqu