Early Test Space for Performance Art in Mixed Realities



Performance Art, Mixed Reality


xxxx was a virtual exhibition and performance space. It was built on web VR in 2017. The experience can host performances and exhibitions. Its environment can be completely adjusted for each new event. The shown version hosts sculptures and photography by Byrke Lou. The works are scans of sculptures from the Louvre Museum. Byrke Lou took these scans in 2013 as part of an intervention in the Louvre Museum that questioned the possession of art. The scans were taken within the Louvre Museum and then made publicly available online. This project also analyzed how our relationship with objects changes if we transform them through virtual space and back into the physical world.


The visitor can view the site on a desktop or connect a virtual reality headset and visit the experience in 3D virtual reality. After a while, an audio-visual performance starts in the space. The sculptures, images, and texts can be viewed from all angles. In this version, a colored fog lies over the experience and enhances the uncanny feeling of moving through sculptures of human beings, which carry glitches and deformations stemming from their journey through the digital world (i.e., scanning and reproducing the sculptures).

The project was an exploration of the possibilities of early web VR for exhibition and performance spaces.