Exhibition curated on a vinyl record


CODE, 2018

Digitising Culture

“CODE” is an exhibition on a vinyl record. Side A features bits of Byrke Lou’s glass sculptures “ctu_isbtm“ through her sound generating system “.fa“. The system scans the sculptures via a live video feed. Brightness information from the video defines how a soundsample is sliced up and recombined in a 4d virtual space. The result is a new sound, which is determined by the surface of the sculpture. The B-Side of the LP contains the recording of a live-coding-session using these new sounds. The vinyl inlay features images of the video feed data and words by artist AGF Poemproducer. At the release event dancers interpreted the sounds and created new movements. Funded by the Senator for Culture of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen.

Titel: CODE, 2018
Dimension: 32 x 32 cm; 2 x 15 min. (vinyl)
Technique: record production, cover production, silk-screen, sound production
Sound: field recording, instrument design “.fa“, sound synthesis via “.fa”,
Installation: vinyl record, record player, bench
Variations: glass sculptures, projection of computer
generated (CGI) landscape