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Liquid Composition Machine | Ars Electronica, Transmediale, 3HD

Tank is a liquid composition generating machine. Tank is also part of TWTMG, a constellation of single, but virtually connected installations, which communicate across countries via their telematic network. Tank itself induces turbulence and periods of light and darkness in a two-liquid system set up in an old aquarium. It senses the system’s shifts in light intensities and from the data generates sounds and the respective score. The last note of the score deternimes which TWTMG installation will be running next.

Tank is usually set up as a stand alone installation but can be performed also.

TWTMG was exhibited internationally, including Ars Electronica, Linz in 2012 and Transmediale, Berlin in 2013.

material: glass tank, custom electronics, water pumps, acrylic glass | dimensions: 0.6m x 0.6m x 0.35m + Laptop | year: 2011

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More Details:

TWTMG is a group work in the tradition of Fischli and Weiss‘ Der Lauf Der Dinge. In 2002 Daito Manabe’s The Way Sensing Go extended the course of physical things and made causalities jump between physical and virtual worlds.

The Ways Things May Go (TWTMG) stands in these works tradition. However, the way our things go is not static and determined, our way can branch, temporary loop, and will hardly be repeated. In addition our single objects are embedded in a telematic network layer, so much that the installation exists at several sites simultaneously.

Three groups of students and their professors were involved. The classes of Alberto De Campo at UdK Berlin, Hannes Hoelzl at HfK Bremen, and Julian Rohrhuber at Institute for Music and Media Düsseldorf.