Byrke Lou speaks on innovation and the future of tech for businesses, daily life, and the entertainment industry at the most renown conferences of tech and innovation, including SXSW (over 400.000 attendees), Summit L.A. (the world’s preeminent ideas festival, with AL Gore and Gary Veynerchuck as keynote speakers), re:publica, the International Festival for Animated Film Stuttgart (the leading event for animated film, with 100.000 visitors), Tech Open Air Berlin (20.000 attendees), and many more. As a panelist, she discussed the future of AI and AR with the CEO of PIXOMODO, the CEO of LANDR, the Head of the Cultural and Communications Department of the Federal Foreign Office Germany, the Head of Marketing of Fraunhofer HHI, and more.

In 2015, she funded “movLab,” an interdisciplinary group for research on the impact of digitizing human bodies and for the production of (performance)art with DIY technology.
From 2017 to 2019, she held the first courses on VR, AR, XR, and AI for music, performance art, space, and fine art, as well as on ethics for AI, at the University of Art Berlin.

Since 2016, she has spoken especially on the effects of virtual and augmented reality, digitization, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies on our future, our society, the music ecosystem, and the future of work and creative work.



29.04.2023 // Artist Talk @ xix_{bayes}
18:00 "bayes" EP + cassette release performance at "xix" - Byrke Lou's virtual performance space
02.04.2020 // SXSW 2020 Tech Podcast
Speaker, SXSW Podcast with the SXSW Tech Hackathon Mentors Helen Sartory Arabian Prince NWA and Byrke Lou rethinking how we use social media, online interactions, and how the music industry and events are adapting in this time of crisis, "More Communication, Less Consumption: How Music Tech Can Respond to Crisis", a SXSW Podcast
20.03.2020 // SXSW 2020, Austin
"AI and Music", discussing the opportunities of AI for music creation and business at "SXSW 2020" (cancelled due to Corona), Austin, Texas
22.09.2019 // New Emergences
Power Tools > engineering [as] empowerment at New Emergences, a platform for advocating diversity within digital media culture, electronic music, and sound art at iiii
29.06.2019 // Musik und Technologie, Stuttgart
"AI for Music Creation" Analyzing the possibilities and impact of AI on the music eco system, at "Musik & Technologie 2019: WAIT, Are The Robots Taking Over?", Stuttgart, Germany
24.04.2019 // ITFS, Stuttgart
"The impact of Pop culture on VR" at "International Festival of animated Film Stuttgart" (IFTS), Stuttgart, Germany
19.03.2019 // SXSW 2019, Austin
"AI for Music Creation" at "SXSW 2019", Austin, Texas
04.11.2018 // Summit L.A., Los Angeles
Meetup for "European Business" at "Summit L.A. 2018", Los Angeles, USA
01.11.2018 // Sequencer Tour, Los Angeles
"The Future of Museums" at "Sequencer Tour" by re:publica, Los Angeles, USA
09.11.2017 // Most Wanted: Music, Berlin
“The Virtual Club Experience”, exploring the future of virtual clubs at "Most Wanted: Music", Berlin, Germany
09.11.2017 // Stadt Nach Acht, Berlin
"The VR Club Experience", analyzing virtual clubs of the future at STADTNACHACHT, Berlin, Germany
17.07.2017 // TOA, Berlin
"VR Music Technology Lab" a two-day Lab researching the use of Virtual Reality for music production and music performance at "Hybrid Music Lab" and "Tech Open Air", Berlin, Germany
02.02.2017 // CTM Festival
"New Identities", deconstructing contemporary sound, artist panel at CTM Festival 2017 - Festival and Platform for Adventurous Music & Art CTM connects multi-perspective experiences, critical reflection, hedonism, and collaborative learning via a yearly festival and continuous collaborative projects, publications, commissions, concerts, club nights, and more.
24.11.2016 // Citicen Science Conference, Berlin
"MovLab: Reinventing Human Sensing for Virtual Realities, DIY", Analysing how our way of sensing will adapt in virtual realities at Citicen Science Conference (ECSA), Berlin, Germany



Byrke Lou speaks on the impact of new and emerging technologies. In particular, she analyzes their impact on our future lives, future businesses, the future of entertainment, and the future of creative processes.


Byrke Lou holds keynotes on the impact of new and emerging technologies on different areas of our future lives.


Byrke Lou produces research labs, which explore topics relevant to your business. If you feel your team should explore a new way of working, collaborating, and generating ideas, please get in touch.


Byrke Lou curates exhibitions, panels, events, and shows. If you need programming around specific technologies, topics, or questions, get in touch.

University Lecture

Byrke Lou teaches art and media as well as tech-related artistic practice, from sculpture to performance art. Byrke Lou teaches at the postgraduate university level.