“Code had a heart, maybe even a soul, when 
Lou scanned for life and structures within 
independent and interacting systems.”

Austin Chronicle, March 16, 2019

Byrke Lou’s music and live shows are minimalistic and clean in style and feel otherworldly, alien, futuristic, and still intrinsically human. Byrke Lou uses the latest technologies, such as the newest sound-generating, music-producing, and image-generating algorithms, using artificial intelligence. She uses the newest technologies for extending her performance across digital devices, and she employs the newest technologies for producing virtual images and high-quality sound.
Byrke Lou produces and performs by “live coding” the music. She writes code, which in real-time is translated into music. Her performances include various extensions such as computer-generated virtual imagery, mixed reality extensions, futuristic projections and detailed projection mapping, custom electronic instruments, traditional music instruments, and dance. On a conceptual level, her performances and music explore life in future virtual worlds.

Byrke Lou played documenta at SXSW in Austin, the CTM Festival in Berlin, and the Globe Theater in Los Angeles alongside DJ Hell, DJ Kotze, Mouse on Mars, and Lady Starlight. Her sound art was exhibited at the MMOMA in Moscow and the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid. She performed in numerous clubs and galleries in Berlin or abroad.



30.06.2022 // Live @ Tempelhofer Feld
code_{xiT} a custom live AI music set at Rosinenbar Berlin for CityLab Berlin - In CityLAB Berlin, innovation and participation are thought together: administration and urban society work together here on solutions for the digital Berlin of tomorrow.
16.03.2021 // Live @ SXSW Online XR, opening act
"code_ixj" performed as opening of SXSW Online XR - - Greetings creatives, industry leaders, storytellers, visionaries, and anyone ready to reimagine the future from scratch. Welcome to SXSW Online!
08.03.2019 // Live @ SXSW, opening night
"code_xi" live coded music performed at SXSW opening night - An essential destination for global professionals, the annual March event features sessions, music and comedy showcases, film screenings, exhibitions, professional development, and a variety of networking opportunities. SXSW proves that the most unexpected discoveries happen when diverse topics and people come together.
Live @ Globe Theatre Los Angeles
"code_xi" at Globe Theatre Los Angeles for "From Germany to L.A.", a two day music festival as part of Year of German-American Friendship 2018/19, a comprehensive and collaborative initiative of the Federal Foreign Office, the Goethe-Institut, and with the support of the Federation of German Industries (BDI)
19.09.2017 // Live @ documenta 14
"code_xox" performed on the documenta 14 official radio by SAVYY Funk - In each edition, documenta has played a leading role in taking the international discourse about art in new directions. Over the past decades, documenta has established itself as an institution that goes far beyond a survey of what is currently happening, inviting the attention of the international art world every five years for this "museum of 100 days." The discourse and the dynamics of the discussion surrounding each documenta reflects and challenges the expectations of society about art.
29.01.2016 // Live @ CTM Festival
".fa " as part of CTM edition "New Geographies", playing a custom generative music instrument at HAU Berlin - Festival and Platform for Adventurous Music & Art CTM connects multi-perspective experiences, critical reflection, hedonism, and collaborative learning via a yearly festival and continuous collaborative projects, publications, commissions, concerts, club nights, and more.
19.01.2012 // Sound @ Museum of Communication Berlin
Producing the music and sound concept for a show at "Museum of Communication Berlin" and creating a customized sound system in collaboration with "SatisFy Berlin" - Broaden your horizons, discover amazing facts and have fun exploring interactive exhibits! Visit one of Berlin’s most attractive museums and become friends with our friendly robots ROBerta und ROBert. Discover the multiple facets of human communication. … The Museum of Communication Berlin is the world’s oldest postal museum. In 1872, Heinrich von Stephan, Germany’s postmaster general back then, was the prime mover in setting up a museum to collect, document and display means of transport from around the world and across the ages.













Live Music

Byrke Lou plays live electronic music sets and vocal live performances. Her performances include new media such as VR, AR, XR, and AI. Some of her works include traditional or custom-made music instruments, vocals, dancers, and further digital art installations.

Sound Concept Development

Byrke Lou produces sound design and sound concepts for your event. This can even include customized sound systems.


For film, events, or other artists, Byrke Lou composes and produces music, soundscapes, and sonic experiences.


Byrke Lou produces music using AI, innovative sound production, and sound-generative instruments often based on coding.

Sound Tech Consultation

Byrke Lou consults with you on how to implement sound solutions for your event. Which sound system should you use, how should it be set up, and which innovative technologies can you use in order to make the most of your event?