.tank, 2012

Generating Culture From Natural Phenomena

„.tank“ is a music generating machine. In an old fish tank a blue organic compound is twirled through water by two car screen washer pumps. When the machine is started, a light at the bottom of the tank is switched on and a sensor above the water surface captures the changing brightness patterns and translates them onto a musical scale. The resulting score is printed on a computer screen in real-time. “.tank“ can be embedded in “TWTMG”, where Installations in different cities are connected via a network. The single works get switched on and off and share impulses. They exists as a dislocated assemblage. The reference is “The way thing go” (1987) by Peter Fischli and David Weiss, with the difference that in “TWTMG” the chain reaction is not deterministic, but branches and takes paths that never repeat.

Dimension: 0.65 m x 0.35 m x 0.4 m
Technique: objets trouvé, microcontroller design & programming, musical
composition, sensor reading, image generation, laser cutting
Installation: on table or on pedestal, computer & computer screen