Byrke Lou works together with her growing Studio Byrke Lou to take on innovative, technological projects. She develops new ideas for live performances, exhibitions, and concerts, which take place in both the physical and the digital world. For this purpose she draws from her knowledge in electronics, audio technology, virtual reality and app development, media theory, philosophy of knowledge and her experience as a performing and visual artist. Byrke Lou uses existing tools where it is suitable and builds new software, apps, and hardware, where it is necessary. She pulls virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, 3D internet, AI and web3 approaches.

Byrke Lou additionally organizes research Labs and workshops for institutions and businesses, who want to get ahead and explore the benefits of new technologies such as extended reality, artificial intelligence or web3 for their processes and products.

In her productions Byrke Lou uses the latest research to produce elements, which have not been realized before. She ensures digital and physical surroundings integrate smoothly. Where suitable, Byrke Lou strives to shape her creations in a way they raise discussions of relevant philosophical and societal questions.











I have 10+ years experience in creating innovative, virtual experiences. I have developed virtual experiences for artists, for businesses and for cultural institutions. I was invited as SXSW Tech Hackathon Mentor and speak internationally on the impact of new technologies. Together with my growing team of experts I can help you figure out how to make new technologies such as virtual reality, the metaverse, augmented reality or artificial intelligence work for you.

Concept Development

In close exchange with your team and wishes, I develop suitable concepts for you. I am one of the few to thoroughly understand the hardware-, software- and creative needs of a projects. I have worked as social media manager and also understands the needs for a project to translate into the broader online space.


I build immersive, cutting-edge experiences for you. I have etched boards, programmed chips and micro controllers, developed analogue sensor systems and wrote software, which reads analogue sensor data and analyzes it. I have developed virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and artificial intelligence applications and can produce the apps, 3D websites and 3D virtual and augmented experiences you need.


I have a broad network and overview over the scene. I can help you find the right visual or performing artists, panelists, or speakers for your event or recommend a curator for your area of interest within the art, science, and tech field.