Audio Cassette, Digital Music, Video, Performance

bayes{n}, 2017 - 2023

Daily life in future virtual worlds

„bayes{n}“ was the first officially released music using a new algorithm developed by Google. Byrke Lou worked directly with google developers to make the algorithm work.
The work complex explores life in our future, virtual and artificial intelligence driven world through methods of pop culture. The name „bayes“ stems from „Bayes‘ Theorem“, published first in 1763. Bayes‘ Theorem helps to better determine the probability of an event and is now used widely in the field of machine learning & AI. Supported by the Goethe-Institut.

Dimension: 25 min. audio, 5 x 3min. Video, 30 – 60 min. site-specific performance
Technique: CGI, choreography, training AI models, live-coding, audio cassette production, world building, programming, video production
Installation: site-specific, performers move freely in at least 3×3 meter space, laptop on floor or table, visuals projected behind performers, extended into a mixed reality matching the rehearsal space